Operational Efficiencies

Our new secure CCTV monitored 10000m2 depot is located on Berkshire Road in Forrestfield and has a 42-tonne container forklift with SOLAS Certified scales to assist us in increasing our container handling capabilities and side-loader productivity.

This is largely achieved by not having our side-loaders and delivery vehicles subject to delays at the wharf. By utilising our yard as a container staging hub, we can guarantee punctual delivery and pick up of containers from client’s premises.

  • Sturich Transport
  • Sturich Transport

Our GPS tracked fleet also consists of a custom 40/40 long vehicle allowing us to transport 2×40’ or 4×20’sea containers to and from Fremantle behind the one prime mover. This also increases our efficiencies in the de-hire and pick up of empty containers.

Where possible we utilise container triangulation, which re-uses the empty container of an import to be packed for an export. This again increases efficiency and the savings are passed onto the customers from both parties.

container triangulation Perth

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